Bespoke & Enhanced Digital Distribution

Genres: new age - ambient - instrumental guitar & piano - electronic meditation - guided meditation

NB: No new orders currently being taken


  • Free unlimited digital distribution to all major outlets (including Soundcloud monetisation)
  • We do all the uploading, admin and sending for you.
  • Your own dashboard and login to monitor stats and receive payment
  • Your tracks uploaded and monetised direct to your dashboard via the New Age Music Planet Soundcloud Channel
  • Your tracks monetised direct to your dashboard on Youtube and uploaded to the New Age Music Garden Youtube Channel
  • Free artist profile on the New Age Music Planet website. 
  • Free UPC and ISRC's
  • Keep all your publishing and copyright. We never own any aspect of your music. Leave at any time.
  • Free artwork design for album covers
  • Free video production of one video per album and uploaded to our YouTube Channel monetised.
  • Free non stop one off 12 hour live stream of your album and tracks on the Relaxing New Age Channel that has over 26 million views and 79,000 subscribers to promote your release
  • One to one personal assistance on all projects
  • Social media promotion on our facebook and twitter accounts
  • We dont take any of your Royalties
  • We protect your music on our Content ID system to collect any ad revenue on YouTube for you.
  • Release your tracks on your own direct to fans Bandcamp and CD baby

NB: The distrubutor we use  takes 15% of your royalties. We dont take anything. You will always have the option to upgrade your release so you receive 100% royalties. We will only charge you what they charge us for this for this service. It is always wise to see how your release is selling first before upgrading.

  • We do not offer radio promotion or any other kind of promotion unless it is listed above