Our YouTube Channel

We own the leading YouTube Channel on Google search and on YouTube for New Age Music, with over 25 million views and 74,000 subscribers. We will create free beautiful videos for your release and feature them on our channel where you will earn 50% of any ad revenue generated by the video.

Our New Age Music Soundcloud

We own the top ranking channel for new age music on Google search with over 1.4 million listens and over 2342 subscribers. We will upload your tracks and monetise them with you receiving 50% of any ad revenue from your track. Our subscribers are dedicated fans of ambient, new age and piano music.

Our Meditation Music Soundcloud Channel

We own the leading Soundcloud channel on Google Search for meditation music with over 936,000 listens and 6,592 subscribers. If this is your specialised genre we will feature your music on our channel and share any ad revenue at 50%