Releases by Paul Landry

Song of Sun


Recorded in 2010, ambient and new age music set agains a looped drone of the actual sound of the sun recorded by UK scientists



Originally recorded in 2010, Avalonia was re released in 2013 with additional tracks replace some of the original music. New age music themed around the myths and legends of Avalon, Glastonbury in England



Recorded in 2011, a vsti synthesizer based album themed around new age and ambient musical explorations of the solar system and beyond



A series of improvised instrumentals on guitars and keyboards from recordings made between 2006 and 2015

Train to Scandinavia


Music recorded on a laptop and small midi synth in hotel rooms and in compartments of sleeper trains in Scandinavia to accampony a short film of the journey

Inner Eye


A sequence of three lengthy, improvised new age and ambient tracks

Infinity Blue


A single 53 minute keyboard and synthesizer improvisation completed in stages over a year or so. 

The Echo of Emptiness


Consistinbg of two ambient new age improvisations. One short and one long form track with haunting piano, ethereal keyvoards and soundscapes

There are no Roads in the Sky


 A collection of atmospheric and uplifting electronic new age tracks based upon a saying of the Buddha

Zensday Afternoon


A peaceful collection of relaxing and meditative instrumentals recorded between 2013 and 2017

Moon Food

Moon Food

A progressive rock concept album based on the esoteric theories of Gurdjieff who believed that unawoken human consciousness was food for the moon



If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service. Ft. Marianne Lihannah on haunting vocals

Electronica Edifications


Remastered and re imagined music recorded between 2004 and 2017 with some brand new tracks. A blend of electronica and progressive rock

Under A Canopy of Stars


A collection of new age music improvised instrumentals recorded between 2013 and 2018

The Ambient Meditations


Originally recorded in 2010 as The Ambient Garden Meditations, remastered with some new music. Deep imaginative ambient music recorded on various synthesizers



Electrafried is a series of electronica/progressive rock fusion tracks recorded between 2003 and 2017 with additional music and remastered

Life is a River


Instrumental new age tracks recorded between 2015 and 2017. Peaceful and inspiring improvised music performed on keyboards and synthesizer

Music For Goddesses Vol.1


Music originally created as the instrumental backing for guided meditations but remixed with additional music for a series of releases. Created on keyborads and classical guitar

Ambient Aphorisms


A compilation album focussing on Paul's ambient music tracks recorded from 2010 to 2018. The pick of the crop

Hope Floats Ft. Michelle Qureshi


A single collaboration with multi instrumentalist Michelle Qureshi on acoustic guitar and composition alongside Paul and electric guitar and keyboards. 

Celaena Ft. Joseph L. Young


Originally music created for a guided meditation, this track wasremastered with additional keyboards as a single collaboration with award winning flute player Joseph L. Young

A Caper ft. Joseph L. Young


The second collaboration between Joseph L. Young and Paul Landry, this is a track with two classical guitars playing host to the beautiful evocative flute whistle playing of Joseph

Cafe Connoisseurs Ft. Aka:man


A jazzy blues, lounge, chillout instrumental composed by New Zealand based ambient musician Aka:Man with guitar, synth, and guitar synth from Paul. A single release

Sagarmatha ft. Ade Crouch


A single collaboration with sound designer and synthesist bAde Crouch that features atmospheric layers of keyboards awith electric guitar and guitar synth

Unknown Journey ft. Alien Tribe


 A single Collaboration with a new age, electronic, progressive rock hybrid that features the trademark beats and layers of heyboards from Alien Tribe along with electric guitar and additional synth from Paul

Zoom ft. RobeOne


A barnstorming progressive rock instrumental featuring keyboard wizard Robeone (Robert Schindler) and Payl Landry on electric guitar and guitar synthesizer