Suggested Websites and services

Night Tides With Renee Blanche


 Sunday radio with Renée Blanche, the darling announcer of new age and ambient music on KCUR...not to be missed. 

New Age Music Artist Consulting


I personally reccomend the wonderful Suzanne Doucet for artist consultation and marketing for new age music artists. Her experience is deep and far reaching and helped to create the genre. Nobody comes close to her. 

 " Singer, performer, recording artist, composer, song writer, author, painter, graphic                      artist, actress, TV-hostess, producer, publisher, director, retailer,networker,astrologer, consultant. "

Hawke Friendz Radio


Terry James Hawke and his wife Dorthe host a 10 hour musicathon most saturdays featuring, ambient, new age, electronica, prog rock, blues and more.. Its a great show and not to be missed if you are music lover